Sep 022014

Mark Ainsword has made some significant updates to Fight4Flags since we last posted about it on Aug. 26th. These changes include:

  • Pressing ‘F’ while in a scenario will change the game from full-screen to windowed mode, press ‘F’ again will return it to full-screen mode.
  • The movement of units has been simplified to allow for a quicker, more pleasant gaming experience.
  • You can move around the map (that is off-screen) by moving one’s mouse cursor to the edge of a screen or by using the cursor keys.
  • There are new icons to represent melees.

You can download the latest version here.

Below is a screenshot from the latest version (4.12) of the Rourke’s Drift scenario:

Rourker's Drift Screenshot from Fight4Flags

Rourker’s Drift Screenshot from Fight4Flags

Aug 262014

Mark Ainsworth has released another turn-based wargame, this one built on a hex-based grid. Current version is 4.01. It includes eight scenarios simulating different types of conflict including Roman, Rourke’s Drift, jungle warfare, and a (airborne) dogfight. A screenshot is included below. You can download the latest version here.

Fight for Flags Screenshot

Fight for Flags Screenshot

Aug 202014

Mark Ainsworth has released a new game entitled Combat Domination. It is turn-based and involves conflict between unarmed units. The current version is 0.24 and can be downloaded here. Below is a screenshot from the game.

Encourage you to leave comments with your recommendations for what you’d like to see in the game – I’ll be happy to pass them off to Mark.

Combat Domination Screenshot from Version 0.24

Combat Domination Screenshot from Version 0.24

Aug 052014

Mark Ainsworth has released an update for the free game WarTactical. A number of bugs have been fixed and performance has been optimized but the big update is the addition of OPFIRE.

Now, when a unit moves enemy units will fire if the unit is nearby. This can be used strategically by sending lower value units forward first, allowing the enemy to deplete their ammunition, and then moving higher value targets forward.


Mar 222014

The following pages have been updated on the FreeWargamer site:

Mar 222014

0 A.D. received an update to Alpha 15 on December 24th (I know, I’m a little behind). 0 A.D. is “alpha” – but this is one of those open source projects where their alpha is probably equivalent to many commercial games “finished product.”

You can read all about the latest update here. I’ll highlight a few here:

  • Addition of a multiplayer lobby.
  • Auras which can regenerate units.
  • Addition of the Ptolemaic Egyptians as a playable civilization.
  • The addition of skirmishes as a new game mode.
  • Addition of Escort / Guard Orders for units.
  • Addition of three new original music tracks.
Oct 152013

Mark Ainsworth is cranking out strategy / tactical wargames faster than folks can play them. His latest release of WarTactical is 5.63e which has revamped the save game process, allowing WarTactical to consume less space.

Mark has also released an entirely new wargame entitled HexWarrior, which is also available free here. Here is a screen capture from the Rorke’s Drift scenario included with the new game (along with several others):


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Sep 172013

I just updated the Open General page on FreeWargamer and thought I should share the changes that have been made in Open General since the last page update on this site.. I last updated the page when build 2012-8-29 was released, the current release is (5-Sep-2013). The following are some of the major enhancements since 2012-8-29:

  • 0.90.0 (6-Sep-2012)
    • New campaign/scenario format.
    • Scenario option to make ground conditions change based on weather.
    • Campaigns can include up to 100 scenarios – twice the previous limit.
    • Changes to the way prestige works.
    • New air system.
    • New scenario options to enhance naval warfare.
  • 0.90.3 (28-Sep-2012)
    • Changed AD behavior, will not make defender retreat like in PG2.
    • Air units no longer require direct LOS no matter class.
  • 0.90.27 (21-Jun-2013)
    • AI can now use up to three players.
    • AI tweaks.
  • 0.90.28 (11-Jul-2013)
    • New carries similar to Pacific General.
  • (5-Sep-2013)
    • Enhancements to AAR’s.

There have been a huge number of other tweaks, additions, and bug fixes. Quite impressive.

Sep 162013

I just updated the 0 A.D. page on FreeWargamer and thought I should share the changes that have been made in 0 A.D. since the last update. I last updated the page when Alpha 10 was released, the current release is Alpha 14. The following are the enhancements in Alphas 11, 12, 13, and 14:

  • Alpha 11:
    • Added the Briton and Gaul civilizations (which replaces the Celtic generic civilization).
    • Added a new AI script (Aegis bot).
    • Added a new sound system.
    • Added shared LOS between allies.
    • Graphical Improvements: ambient occlusion, normal mapping, parallax mapping, specularity, terrain.
  • Alpha 12:
    • Added Diplomacy elements.
    • Added Packing Siege Engines.
    • Added Formation Order Queuing.
    • Added Heroes.
    • Added Slaughter Attack.
    • Added Unit Training Hotkeys.
    • Added New Match Setup Options.
    • Added Five New Random Maps.
  • Alpha 13:
    • Added the Mauryan Indians as a new civilization.
    • Improved the Aegis bot AI.
    • Added a new attack/move command.
    • Improved building.
    • Added new music tracks.
  • Alpha 14:
    • Added Blacksmiths.
    • Added Infinite Farms.
    • Added Exponential Armor.
    • Added More Realistic Health.
    • Added Shared Trade Gain with Allies.
    • Improved Ranged Units.

Very impressive, IMHO.