WarTactical Updated 6.26 –> 7.04

Mark Ainsworth’s WarTactical 7.04 is now available for download. Updates include: Opfire results are now included in end of turn results. Pressing space after moving a unit will show computer’s opfire results.

HexWarrior Updated 5.91D –> 6.04

Mark Ainsworth has released another update to HexWarrior. This latest edition includes: There are two games – one for large maps, the other for maps that fit on a single screen. The single screen...

HexWarrior 5.91D Screen Capture

HexWarrior Updated (2.26 –> 5.91D)

It has been a while since I’ve posted an update to Mark Ainsworth’s turn-based tactical wargame HexWarrior. This hasn’t been due to a lack of activity on his part, but on mine. This post...

Operation Barbarossa Screenshot

Operation Barbarossa Updates.

The last time I wrote about Joni Nuutinen’s Conflicts: Operation Barbarossa was when the game was at version, it is not at Below is a change log from then till now: 3.4.4...

Open General Strategy Game Screenshot

What’s Happening with OpenGeneral?

The last time I updated the OpenGeneral page the game was at, it is now at The version change doesn’t appear significant – but as seems common with open source projects, the...

0 AD Alpha 17 Screenshot

0 A.D. Releases Alpha 17 Quercus.

I’m a little behind the times but I’ve just gotten around to updating the 0 A.D. page. 0 A.D. is one of the most ambitious and long lasting open source wargame projects and since I...